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One of the people I hoped to see was seated on a mat outside her hut ( called a 'touku'). Alnana Ishak Muhamed is 45 years old. She is beautiful. These are her words:
"I come from the village of Kolloye, perhaps 200 kilometers from here. We had cows and animals. Janjaweed attacked us at at 5;30 in the morning. About 35 men with horses came. They shot and killed my husband and my son. I ran to help my son and they shot me. I was unconscous for one month. When I woke up I had no leg.
"Now my life is changed. I cannot even get water to drink. Someone has to bring me water and food as I cannot carry anything. I used to collect firewood and sell it. But I am not able to do anything now.
"I am not able to go anywhere. But the people who go to get firewood are attacked.
"I cannot do anything but sit and wait for 'distribution' (of food by aid workers)
We want to go to our village but if we go back they will kill us.'
Alnana was waiting to be taken to the MSF clinic. Her wound is infected.

会いたいと願っていた人物の一人が"touku"と呼ばれる帽子を裏返したマットの上に座っていた。Alnana Ishak Muhamed は45歳、美しい女性だ。彼女の言葉である。
「ここから多分200kmの Kolloye という村の出です。牛などの家畜を飼っていました。ジャンジャウィードは午前5時半に襲撃してきました。馬に乗った約35人の男たちがやってきました。私の夫と息子を撃ち殺しました。私は息子を助けに駆け寄ったところを撃たれました。一ヶ月間意識を失っていました。そして、気が付いたときには私は両足を失っていました。
Alnana は国境なき医師団の診療所に搬送されるのを待っていました。彼女の傷は感染しているのです。

Djabal, camp for Darfurian refugees
Goz Beida

Fatima's words:
"I am from the same village (as Ashi) and I had similar experiences.
"My mother had my child on her back. They (Janjaweed) shot her and the baby. My child of three hid in the bush. He died of thirst and hunger. The rest of the children were saved by neighbors.
"The Janjaweed kept me for one month. They raped me for one month. During the month I became pregnant. When I arrived at the camp I gave birth but unfortunately he died. I was unhappy throughout the pregnancy but when the child died I was upset.
"During the month I spent with the Janjaweed I was raped and beaten. I still have pain in my back and I depend on my neighbors to get water.

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 世の中、良い意味でも悪い意味でも”金”です。以下、"Coalition for Darfur"からの転載・和訳です。

Darfur: Activists Say Divestment Campaign Working

From Reuters


The campaign to persuade U.S. companies and investors to halt the flow of dollars to war-torn Sudan through China and other countries is making significant progress, activists say.


U.S. sanctions on Sudan, where conflict in the Darfur region has been branded "genocide" by President George W. Bush, already limit most transactions, though humanitarian aid and agricultural assistance have been allowed.


But U.S. institutional investors, mutual funds, and Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway have billions of dollars invested in companies that operate in -- or have ties to -- Sudan, particularly the oil business.


Activists have lobbied for investors to dump shares and bonds in PetroChina Co. Ltd., whose parent company China National Petroleum Corp. is helping Sudan tap its oil reserves, as well as India's Oil and Natural Gas Corp. Ltd. and Malaysia's Petronas

活動家は投資家に、スーダンの石油備蓄放出を介助しているChina National Petroleum Corp. の子会社PetroChina Co. Ltd. 初め India's Oil and Natural Gas Corp. Ltd. およびMalaysia's Petronasの持ち株と債権を手放すように働きかけてきた。

"The burgeoning Sudan divestment movement has already facilitated a response from companies operating in Sudan, institutional investors and mutual fund managers," said Adam Sterling, director of the Sudan Divestment Task Force.


He cited 19 U.S. states, nine cities including Los Angeles, and 54 universities that are beginning to divest from Sudan. Sterling also noted major companies, such as Britain's Rolls-Royce, have withdrawn.


Some $3.5 billion of foreign direct investment flowed into Sudan last year, a jump of 53 percent over 2005.


However, after the first quarter of 2006 when almost $1.6 billion entered, investment dropped to below $700 million in each of the next three quarters, according to International Monetary Fund figures.

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She wakes up in her room to the sound of gun fire. The building next door is on fire, and men with guns are going door to door,shooting everyone. She hears children crying and sees women being raped, but she is lucky and manages to escape. For the next month,she travels on foot, in constant fear for her life with only the clothes she is wearing. She has nothing. She is forced to beg for food and eat dried leaves to survive. When she finally makes it across the border to freedom, the police are waiting for her. They open fire...This is not a story. It is happening to real people, right now ("Egyptian Troops gun down refugees," The Australian, Aug 4. 2007) Some of them as young as 14 years old. Please take 2 minutes to make a difference by answering three questions. We'll print out your response and deliver it to your Senators along with a hundred more. It costs nothing and makes an enormous impact. You don't have to be a political expert, just speakfrom the heart.

自分の部屋で寝ていた彼女は銃の音で目が覚めた。隣家は燃え盛り、銃を持った男たちが一軒ずつまわって皆殺しにしている。子供たちの泣き声が聞こえ、女たちの犯されている姿を目にするが、彼女自身は幸運にも難を逃れる。翌月も着の身着のままで絶え間ない生の不安に苛まれながら歩き続ける。全て失った。生きるために食べ物を求め、乾燥葉を口にせざるを得ない。ついに自由を求め国境を越えようとした時、警官が彼女を待ち構え、そして、彼女に向かって発砲した。…これはフィクションではない。今、この瞬間にも現実に人間に対し起こっていることである(”エジプト軍、難民を射殺”、2007年8月4日、The Australianより)。標的になった者の中には14歳未満の子供も含まれていた。事態の打開のため、2分間を割いて3つの質問に答えて下さい。100人以上の回答を印刷し、上院議員へ提出させていただきます。一切無料であり、大きな影響となります。政治の専門家である必要はありません。とにかく、心から思うままに意見を述べていただければ結構です。
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 「er 緊急救命室」というアメリカのドラマがある。もう10年以上前からNHKのBS2と、それよりやや遅れてNHK総合でも放映しているのでご存知の人も多いかと思うが、私はこのドラマが大好きだ。最初に偶然真夜中に見て以来、自分自身が大学附属家畜病院に研修生としていた頃の様子を重ねて、「もしも自分が地方公務員になどなっていなかったら。」という仮定の自分を重ねてのめり込んだ。

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和訳 by fussyvet

The 'Genocide Olympics' 「虐殺オリンピック」


"One World, One Dream" is China's slogan for its 2008 Olympics. But there is one nightmare that China shouldn't be allowed to sweep under the rug. That nightmare is Darfur, where more than 400,000 people have been killed and more than two-and-a-half million driven from flaming villages by the Chinese-backed government of Sudan.


That so many corporate sponsors want the world to look away from that atrocity during the games is bad enough. But equally disappointing is the decision of artists like director Steven Spielberg -- who quietly visited China this month as he prepares to help stage the Olympic ceremonies -- to sanitize Beijing's image. Is Mr. Spielberg, who in 1994 founded the Shoah Foundation to record the testimony of survivors of the holocaust, aware that China is bankrolling Darfur's genocide?


China is pouring billions of dollars into Sudan. Beijing purchases an overwhelming majority of Sudan's annual oil exports and state-owned China National Petroleum Corp. -- an official partner of the upcoming Olympic Games -- owns the largest shares in each of Sudan's two major oil consortia. The Sudanese government uses as much as 80% of proceeds from those sales to fund its brutal Janjaweed proxy militia and purchase their instruments of destruction: bombers, assault helicopters, armored vehicles and small arms, most of them of Chinese manufacture. Airstrips constructed and operated by the Chinese have been used to launch bombing campaigns on villages. And China has used its veto power on the U.N. Security Council to repeatedly obstruct efforts by the U.S. and the U.K. to introduce peacekeepers to curtail the slaughter.

中国は何十億ドルもスーダンにつぎ込んでいる。北京はスーダンの年間石油輸出のほとんど全てを購入し、次期五輪の公式共同出資法人である国営のChina National Petroleum Corp. がスーダンの二大石油共同事業体のそれぞれについて最大のシェアを占めている。スーダン政府はこれらの売り上げから得られた収益の80%相当を残虐なジャンジャウィード代理民兵に資金提供し、爆弾、攻撃用ヘリコプター、装甲車、小火器など破壊道具の購入に利用しており、ほとんどは中国製品だ。中国人により建設され運営されている滑走路は村落への爆撃開始に使用されてきた。そして、中国は国連安全保障理事会にて拒否権を行使し、虐殺を抑えるために平和維持軍を導入しようとしたアメリカとイギリスの努力を何度も妨害してきた。

As one of the few players whose support is indispensable to Sudan, China has the power to, at the very least, insist that Khartoum accept a robust international peacekeeping force to protect defenseless civilians in Darfur. Beijing is uniquely positioned to put a stop to the slaughter, yet they have so far been unabashed in their refusal to do so.


But there is now one thing that China may hold more dear than their unfettered access to Sudanese oil: their successful staging of the 2008 Summer Olympics. That desire may provide a lone point of leverage with a country that has otherwise been impervious to all criticism.


Whether that opportunity goes unexploited lies in the hands of the high-profile supporters of these Olympic Games. Corporate sponsors like Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, General Electric and McDonalds, and key collaborators like Mr. Spielberg, should be put on notice. For there is another slogan afoot, one that is fast becoming viral amongst advocacy groups; rather than "One World, One Dream," people are beginning to speak of the coming "Genocide Olympics."


Does Mr. Spielberg really want to go down in history as the Leni Riefenstahl of the Beijing Games? Do the various television sponsors around the world want to share in that shame? Because they will. Unless, of course, all of them add their singularly well-positioned voices to the growing calls for Chinese action to end the slaughter in Darfur.

本当にスピルバーグ氏は北京五輪のLeni Riefenstahlとして歴史に名を残したいのだろうか?世界中のさまざまなテレビスポンサーはそのような不名誉を分かち合いたいのだろうか?彼らがそれを望んだからである。もちろん、ダルフールでの虐殺を終わらせようと中国に行動を求める声が高まっている中に、全スポンサー自身が非常に良い位置からの声を届けなければの話である。

Imagine if such calls were to succeed in pushing the Chinese government to use its leverage over Sudan to protect civilians in Darfur. The 2008 Beijing Olympics really could become an occasion for pride and celebration, a truly international honoring of the authentic spirit of "one world" and "one dream."


Mr. Farrow, a student at Yale Law School, traveled to Darfur as a UNICEF spokesperson in 2004 and 2006. Ms. Farrow, an actor, has traveled twice to Darfur and twice to neighboring Chad. She has recently returned from Darfur's border with the Central African Republic.

Mr. Farrowはエール大学法学部の学生であり、ユニセフのスポークスパースンとして2004年と2006年にダルフールを訪れた。 Ms. Farrowは女優であり、ダルフールを二度、また隣接するチャドを二度訪れた。最近、ダルフールの中央アフリカ共和国との国境付近から帰国したばかりである。
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Olympic Dream for Darfur



今すぐ行動を起こしましょう。Olympic Dream for Darfurに参加してIOC幹部への請願書に署名をお願いします。

2008年夏、世界中のアスリートが中国の北京で開催される第29回オリンピック競技会で競技を行います。この競技会のスローガンは「One World, One Dream(ひとつの世界、ひとつの夢)」は国際協力と国際理解の精神を想起させるものです。しかし、世界は疑問を投げかけています。









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Olympic Dream for Darful




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