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Beijing's blood-drenched Olympics
Reprinted from The Washington Times
By Nat Hentoff
December 31, 2007

The Washington Timesより転載
Nat Hentoff

With the Beijing Olympics nearing, China is determined to ensure that unbroken harmony will prevail. The Associated Press, as reported in The Washington Times, reveals that "the Chinese government has created profiles on thousands of foreign journalists coming to report on the Beijing Olympics and is gathering information on thousands more to put into a database. The Politburo extends its pervasive domestic censorship to the world.

北京オリンピックが近付いているが、中国は不協和音がないことを強調することに躍起になっている。AP通信社がWashington Timesにて伝えたとおり、「中国政府は北京オリンピック報道に訪れた外国人記者何千人分ものデータを作成し、さらに何千人分ものデータを加えようと情報収集している。中国共産党は国内中の検閲を世界にまで広げている。」と明らかにした。

This policy statement from "a top official" is in context with China's intelligence services also having been "gathering information on foreign activist groups, aiming to head off protests and other political acts." Four days after the AP report, The Washington Post Foreign Service added that a leading "Chinese security official vowed ... to punish anyone who takes part in a political, religious or ethnic demonstration or protest 'in any form' " during the games.

この“幹部”からの政策声明は本文中、中国諜報機関も「反対運動や他の政治活動を阻止するため、海外の活動グループに関する情報を収集」しているともある。さらにAP通信の報道4日後、Washington Post Foreign Serviceは「中国治安部当局幹部はオリンピック開催期間中に“いかなる形であれ”政治的、宗教的あるいは民族的デモに参加する者は何人であっても処罰すると明言した」と伝えた。

Present at these closely guarded games will be President Bush. If he sees discordant protesters being dragged away, will he say anything to reporters there who have not been on China's equivalent of our "watch lists," and are allowed to attend? But China is also worried, said a senior Olympics official, about "boycott noise" from groups around the world planning such a protest against what many call the "Genocidal Olympics." Right now, however, along with possible boycott of the games by athletes and prominent international figures who would ordinarily attend, is a campaign directed at the corporate sponsors of the Summer Olympics who have invested tens of millions of dollars in the games. They believe their partnership in China's time of glory will reward them with increasing access to China's continually expanding market. For example, General Electric, owner of NBC, has paid $894 million for the rights to broadcast the Genocidal Olympics.


A New York-based human-rights organization — the nonprofit Dream for Darfur — has been in contact with 19 major corporate sponsors of the Summer Olympics to persuade them to put life-saving pressure on China's leaders to engage in a final effort to end the genocide in Darfur. No country in the world is more vital to the economy of Sudan, the perpetrator of these mass murders and rapes, than China.

ニューヨークに本部を置くNPO人権団体Dream for Darfurはダルフールにおける虐殺を終結させるため最後の努力をするよう中国の指導者に圧力をかけるべく、北京オリンピックの主要企業スポンサー19社と接触してきた。世界中で中国ほどこの大量殺人と強姦の犯罪者であるスーダンの経済にとって重要な国はない。

Sudan's president, Lt. Gen. Omar Bashir, is smugly confident that he has prevented the combined United Nations and African Union peacekeeping force from entering Sudan. Only the prospect of losing China's huge annual purchase of Sudan's oil as well as its other large-scale investments in the country will get Gen. Bashir to disarm his savage Janjaweed militia and his uniformed soldiers while also grounding his attack helicopters, which keep bombing the black Muslim survivors in Darfur.


Accordingly, Dream for Darfur has asked 19 of China's profit-hungry partners in the summer games to sign a pledge that conditions their continued support for what China calls its "One Dream, One World" Olympics on their telling China to convince Gen. Bashir to stop blocking the U.N. and African Union mission from rescuing the remaining black African Muslims in Darfur. Among the corporations contacted are Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Volkswagen, Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser), the Adidas Group, McDonalds, Staples, Eastman Kodak and Microsoft.

それゆえに、Dream for Darfurは利益に餓えた中国五輪のスポンサー19社に対して、バシール中将に国連アフリカ連合によるダルフールのアフリカ系イスラム教徒の生存者救出の妨害工作を止めさせる説得を行うよう中国に勧告することを、中国が「一つの夢、一つの世界」と呼ぶオリンピックのサポート継続の必要条件とする誓約書にサインするよう依頼してきた。接触を受けた企業とはコカ・コーラ、パナソニック、フォルクスワーゲン、Anheuser-Busch(バドワイザー)、アディダスグループ、マクドナルド、Staples、コダックおよびマイクロソフトである。

So far, however, Dream for Darfur reports, not one of those corporations has been "willing to acknowledge publicly that ... the ongoing genocide in Darfur is morally unacceptable" for the host of "One World, One Dream." What, then, can be done to shame these investors in the Olympics to undermine China's utterly crucial support of Sudan, the country continuing to conduct the first genocide of the 21st century?

しかし、Dream for Darfurによればこれまで「一つの世界、一つの夢」のホストに気遣い、「現在ダルフールにおけるジェノサイドは倫理的に許容できないと公然と進んで認め」た企業は一社もない。では、21世紀最初のジェノサイドを行っているスーダンという国を支える中国の全く残酷な支持を弱めるために、これらのオリンピックスポンサーに恥を知らせるには何ができるだろう?

If the sponsors continue their silence, they are going to be internationally targeted, as Dream for Darfur also "is working with other advocacy organizations on organizing protest events at sponsors' headquarters, and a mass consumer write-in campaign, as well as contacting the investment community." Among those working with Dream for Darfur in this campaign are the many groups involved in the Save Darfur coalition, and STAND, a student anti-genocide coalition with more than 700 chapters at schools around the globe.

スポンサー企業が沈黙を守れば、国際的なターゲットとなる。Dream for Darfurは他の運動団体と協力してスポンサー企業の本社で反対運動を展開し、消費者からの膨大な署名運動を行うと同時に投資界に働きかけているためである。Dream for Darfurと共に活動している団体にはSave Darfur coalitionや世界中の学校に700以上の支部を有する学生のジェノサイド反対同盟であるSTANDがある。

Actress Mia Farrow, who first unfurled the accusation "Genocide Olympics" and is part of Dream for Darfur, says: "We are appealing to the public ... to put more pressure on these companies (and for) the press do its job ... Business is not as usual when we talk about mass atrocities." So, now everyone who buys the products or services of the corporations can personally help end these atrocities. How many of you care enough about these black African Muslims to stop the further rapes of their women and children and the slaughter of whole families?

「ジェノサイドオリンピック」という告発を最初に行いDream for Darfurの一員である女優ミア・ファローは、





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