Coalition for Darfurからの転載と和訳(by fussyvet)です。平和維持軍の派遣が決定した今も市民の犠牲は続いています。少なくとも、赤ん坊に対する残酷な殺害方法は止めて欲しい。どうして、母親から赤ん坊をもぎ取ってその小さな首をはねることができるのか。


It seems both intangible and hopeless. Until you find yourself inches from a woman like Hawaye, her baby daughter Nadjva sucking on her malnourished breast as she tells us what drove her from Sudan to the Djabal refugee camp where we sit. 'They came at seven to our village, the janjaweed militia,' she says, the fact that she mentions the time seeming a poignant effort to give some structure to the evil that followed. Her husband was away when the rebels arrived and set about their business - the livestock rounded up, homes torched, men and boys mutilated and murdered, and finally the moment that she replays over and over, when one of the horsemen rode up and, with a machete, decapitated the baby that she held in her arms. She didn't have time to mourn. The murderers took her with them and kept her hostage for 15 days, repeatedly raping and violating her before they moved on.


But for many women, surviving is the worst-case scenario. Hawaye was reunited with her husband, but the fact that she had lived made her guilty of complicity in her 'loss of honour'. He divorced her. She briefly got lucky when another refugee with two children married her, a rare occurrence for rape victims, who are seen as unclean. You are no doubt hoping for a happy ending? When he found out about her ordeal, which she had kept secret in fear and shame, he also divorced her. Taking with him three of their four children. Now she lives hand-to-mouth, discriminated against in a misogynistic culture which refuses to differentiate between rape and adultery, even when the crime is being used as a weapon of war against its own women. Hawaye has no hope for the future and lives solely for her only remaining child, her daughter, haunted day and night by the atrocities she has suffered.



I was a mere six hours' flight from London, my mobile phone worked perfectly, yet it felt like a different universe. Arriving at the camps of Goz Beida a few hours earlier, I admit my first feeling was one of confusion. Where were the starving and the desperate? There was even a centuries-past charm about this lush plain littered with well tended grass huts. Although the huge spread of hastily erected tarpaulin-roofed shacks detracted from the view, I'd seen much worse on television. Yet beneath the veneer of order achieved by the dedicated charity staff from the likes of Oxfam and Save the Children, the reality is terrible. Under the fragile layer of grass that the rainy season has produced lies red earth that will soon be cracked and dry. As the leaden skies and torrential rains recede, so the rebels, those real-life horsemen of the apocalypse, will resume their murderous rampages. More women like Hawaye and her companions will have their lives destroyed and their children murdered.

 ロンドンからたった6時間のフライトで携帯電話も完全に機能しているが、全く別世界のように感じた。Goz Beidaキャンプに数時間早く到着したとき、第一印象は一種の困惑だったことを認めよう。飢えて絶望した人たちはどこだ?きちんと手入れされたわらぶきの家が点在するこの豊かな平野には何世紀にも渡る魅力すら感じた。それは目の前に広がる俄仕立ての防水シートが屋根代わりの建物により打ち消されたが、テレビではもっと酷い場面を見たことがある。しかし、OxfamやSave the Childrenなどの献身的なチャリティスタッフにより発注されたベニヤの下に広がる現実は悲惨である。雨季にできたもろい草の層の下はすぐに亀裂が入って乾く赤土である。鉛色の空と豪雨が引くと、(聖書の)黙示録に出てくる騎馬兵が現実の反乱軍として血みどろの凶行を再開するだろう。Hawayeのような女性やその仲間が更に多く命を奪われ、子供を殺されるのだ。


Sudanese government planes bombed a rebel-controlled town in Darfur on Monday, an insurgent group said, hours after the government said it was investigating a bloody rebel raid on one of its bases last month.
Abu-Bakr Mohammed Kadu, a field commander in the Sudanese Liberation Army's Unity (SLA-Unity) faction, said government aircraft bombed Haskanita then ground forces entered the town in northern Darfur.

スーダン解放軍統一組織(SLA-Unity)派閥の現場指揮官Abu-Bakr Mohammed Kadu氏によれば、政府軍用機がHaskanitaを爆撃し、続いて地上軍がダルフール北部の町に入ったという。。

"The clashes are still going on," he told Reuters just after 4.30 p.m. local time (1330 GMT). He said Haskanita was predominantly a civilian area but could not give an estimate of casualties.
Sudanese military officials were not available for comment.


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